Sep 1, 2015/05:13 PM

Join us Sept. 12th for our first-ever People’s Congress


Join us for New Virginia Majority’s first-ever People’s Congress We believe that everyone, especially communities of color, students and immigrant communities must be a part of the journey to transform Virginia into the Virginia we know it can be. We’re talking about creating a 21st century democracy based on compassion, opportunity, justice and freedom. During our first-ever People’s Congress, you’ll not only …

Aug 28, 2015/11:17 AM

‘Mobile Justice’ tour stops by Williamsburg


‘Mobile Justice’ tour stops by Williamsburg Thursday The Virginia Gazette5:51 p.m. EDT, August 25, 2015 WILLIAMSBURG — A coalition of groups aimed at improving restoration of rights for formerly incarcerated citizens will bring a tour bus to Williamsburg on Thursday. The 4th Mobile Justice Tour will stop at the Williamsburg Regional Library at 515 Scotland Street, with information and resources …

Aug 25, 2015/12:56 PM

Statewide Mobile Justice Tour Kicks off in Richmond


Posted: Tuesday, August 18, 2015 10:30 pm BY RYAN McKINNON Richmond Times-Dispatch The Mobile Justice Tour rolled into town Tuesday, and its organizers led a small but lively seminar on criminal justice reform at the Richmond East End Branch Library. Lillie Branch-Kennedy, the founder and executive director of Resource Information Help for the Disadvantaged, spoke for 90 minutes to an …

Aug 18, 2015/11:00 AM

Redistricting session an insiders’ game, say groups pushing for reforms

Virginia State Capitol

  Virginia lawmakers to redraw congressional districts during special session Monday in Richmond POSTED: 08:00 PM EDT Aug 14, 2015   RICHMOND, Va. -State lawmakers return to Richmond on Monday, to redraw the lines for Virginia’s congressional districts.But groups pushing for redistricting reform aren’t impressed with the process. A federal court found that state lawmakers concentrated minority voters in Virginia’s 3rd Congressional District to limit their …

Aug 14, 2015/11:47 AM

Radio IQ: Green Movement Seeks People of Color


Green Movement Seeks People of Color By Sandy Hausman • 20 hours ago ShareTwitter Facebook Google+ Email Credit Photo courtesy of the New Virginia Majority Since it emerged in the early 70s, the environmental movement has appealed to wealthy and middle class people who see climate change as a social problem. But a group in Richmond is working to bring low-income minorities into …

Aug 10, 2015/09:25 AM

Civil Rights Advocates Must Find Other Ways to Protect Voting Rights


August 10, 2015 Guest Post by Tram Nguyen, Co-Executive Director, New Virginia Majority *This post is part of ACSblog’s symposium regarding the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The principle of our democracy rests on the idea that each person has a vote that is cast and counted equally, regardless of who they are or where they come from. Fifty years …

Aug 6, 2015/05:49 PM

Bloomberg News: Continuing Fight Against Uber


Worker Protection Debate Rages Over Sharing Economy By Stephen Lee Aug. 3 — As the Obama administration and congressional Democrats take further steps to clamp down on employer misclassification in the so-called “sharing economy,” their efforts appear to bump into an uncomfortable tension: that even though companies like Uber and TaskRabbit don’t provide full safety and health protections for workers, they have …

Aug 5, 2015/11:41 AM

NVM Supporting Planned Parenthood in Virginia


Will undercover videos impact Planned Parenthood in Virginia? Posted 8:32 pm, August 4, 2015, by Joe St. George, Updated at 10:02am, August 5, 2015  WTVR Report: RICHMOND, Va. – The nation’s largest abortion provider is once again under fire after an edited, undercover video by the Center for Medical Progress was released. The video, which features Planned Parenthood employees from Texas, …

Aug 4, 2015/12:56 PM

Uber and Workers’ Rights in the New Economy


July 2, 2015   by Jon Liss At first glance, the California Labor Commission’s decision last month to award Barbara Ann Berwick some $4,000 might not seem like a big deal. But the ruling—to classify Berwick, a driver for the ride-hailing company Uber, as an employee, rather than an independent contractor—could have a sweeping impact on the growing part of …

Aug 4, 2015/11:27 AM

Garrett, voter registrars express concerns over proposed changes to forms


Sen. Tom Garrett Posted: Tuesday, July 28, 2015 10:03 pm ALEX ROHR A proposal that would change whether potential Virginia voters have to check a box indicating whether they are U.S. citizens brought complaints from throughout the commonwealth to the State Board of Elections on Tuesday. The proposal, under consideration by the board, no longer would require voter applicants …