Mission + History

Our Mission

New Virginia Majority is the catalytic force for the progressive transformation of Virginia through mass organizing, leadership development, and strategic communications. We are creating a powerful movement that transforms Virginia by organizing communities of color, women, working people, LGBTs, youth and progressive people. Through continuous purposeful and strategic activity, we will create a Virginia that is democratic, just and sustainable.

Our History

New Virginia Majority has visited over 250,000 voters and developed into Virginia’s leading progressive civic engagement organization.  Our staff, hundreds of canvassers and volunteer leaders are building a powerful movement for a democratic, just and sustainable Virginia.  

Each fall we visit tens of thousands of voters to develop a popular culture of active, informed and progressive voting, especially among Virginia’s lower income and people of color communities.  However, we don’t stop there! We organize through ongoing leadership trainings, legislative campaigns (local, state, and national), voter registration, and social media organizing.

The following timeline highlights some of our work over the last 4 years. Check it out, but most importantly get yourself on the timeline:  give us a call and let’s get started!

  • New Virginia Majority incorporated in August 2007.  
  • January, 2008 - Launched Democracy Schools, our effort to support Virginians applying for citizenship through classes, workshops and clinics.   
  • September – November, 2008 – Ran massive ‘get out the vote’ effort where we visited over 50,000 households in Northern Virginia.
  • September – November, 2009, - Ran massive ‘get out the vote’ effort in Northern Virgina, the Tidewater and Richmond.  We reached out to over 100,000 households.  
  • March – April, 2010 – Visited 20,000 Latino/a and African American households to encourage participation in the U.S. census.  
  • May of 2010 – Endorsed and supported three wining candidates for the Herndon Town Council.  We visited 2,000 homes.   
  • January, 2011 –  Victory! After 7 months of struggle by 700 town members we organized, the Herndon Town Council amended their anti-solicitation ordinance to allow people to solicit work on most corners.  
  • November 2010 - March, 2011 – Led successful efforts, including mass mobilization, to stop 21 proposed state-level anti-immigrant bills.  
  • April – October, 2011 (ongoing) – Fought to prevent Prince William County from opting out of 1965 Civil Rights Act review of their redistricting process.
  • July – August, 2011 – Launched Southern Solidarity Summer, where we trained 30 interns from Virginia and around the country in our approach to civic engagement.